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    Hello, Does anyone suffer with the following ? When you turn a light off when going to bed or in a room and you open your eyes in the dark - do you experience a visual strobe light effect? It doesnt happen so much for me anymore but the doctors just looked at me with the classic "DPDR...
  2. Discussion
    Hello, Does anyone have a real problem with artificial lights? e.g. tube lights I used to work in a typical office skyscraper and the tube lights absolutely ruined my experience. It was like the icing on a cake made of dp/dr. I used to get into work early to try and get a desk near a window...
  3. Discussion
    Hey guys. I just wanna start by saying I have recovered 99% from a bad weed trip. My main recovery method was just keeping myself busy. I sometimes feel the symptoms when I am walking outside at night only when I think of it. But lately in the gym, when I am about to do incline dumbbell...
1-3 of 3 Results