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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hello. I’m new here. I suffer from 24/7 severe depersonalization from many years of trauma and most recently watching my husband pass away. Smoking weed to deal with the trauma didn’t help I’m sure. I’m trying emdr and neurofeedback. If it helped you, how many sessions til you felt a...
  2. Managing DPD
    **update 12th January 2013** Unfortunately I have relapsed. 4 days DP completely went away, then it came back. I'm going to keep pushing the lamotrigine up and see if I can get a sustained recovery. Least I can see its possible. I'll keep you posted! Hi there, I can believe I'm writing...
  3. Treatment Options
    Hi, I'm in a mental hospital in Sydnety Australia. Totally flipped out about this crazy shit! I have been started on Lovan (prozac) 20mg and starting on 25mg Lamacital (Lamotrigine) that will be titrated weekly by 25mg to 200+mg. Anyone else had any success with an SSRI + Lamacital...
1-3 of 3 Results