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  1. Spirituality Discussion
    I deleted the content. I don't think I can really start a topic about this. Then I would really need to follow the topic and really get into it, and that's going to be a bit to much if my dp is acting out.. Maybe another time, or maybe someone else does one day. That would be great.
  2. Recovery Stories
    Hello all, I have never actually posted on this forum but did set up an account in November 2013 during my darkest days. The forum gave me hope when I had none and now that I have been recovered for the best part of a year I thought I should tell my story that it might give hope to others...
  3. Spirituality Discussion
    God , Jesus and Mary , I know it , have heard my prayer . I cried for help in my bath last wednesday . I was crying so hard . I repeated his name , I begged him to save me and it is what he is doing <3 . Be humble , live your life even if it seems difficult , be Love , give , love yourself ...
1-3 of 3 Results