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  1. Treatment Options
    Hi everybody, you probably all know that there is some evidence that the non-selective opioid receptor antagonist Naltrexone was found to be helpful for some people with DP/DR. However, there also seems to be some evidence that it's especially (agonism at) the kappa-opioid receptor which...
  2. Treatment Options
    Do you have any supplier of it? I am desperate.
  3. Discussion
    Got a couple of random questions about JDtic since I have a sample here Does anyone know if it will show up in a drug screen? Has anyone here taken it and if so what have the effects been? Should I just wait and try Suboxone? What are some of the side-effects? (Other than Ventricular...
  4. Discussion
    JDTic: Pioneering Research into Potent KOR antagonism Theories Behind KOR Antagonist Treatment and JDTic (as taken from TeamTLR) JDTic via selective, potent, and long-acting KOR antagonist activity is theorized to alleviate psychoneurodysfunctional [Google it] states (moderate to severe)...
1-4 of 4 Results