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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hello, I have been (or at least I think I am) suffering from this HELLISH disorder for around 9 months now and I am breaking point. Everything single morning I wake up and instantly feel terrible/question EVERYTHING AND I MEAN EVERYTHING. For example: who am i? what is going on around me? what...
  2. Depersonalization & Media
    I have been dealing with these thoughts on an off for less than a year now, and they can disappear for weeks at a time. I'm scared I'm going to develop psychosis and start believing im in a truman show experience of my own, I have all these what "what if sensations" about like what if there are...
  3. The Daily Forum
    I have had DP/DR for over a year now. But like 2 months ago the DP part got worse. I feel disconnected from myself. Mentally and physically. I don't feel like myself and it feels weird to say "I" or "me". I'm scared and i don't want to go on living like this. Please help.
  4. Discussion
    So ive had this for about 5 months now, and I seem to be at my worst part Symptoms I dont know how I function, but i manage to do it (school, drive, etc.) I feel trapped in my head feel like im not in control Feel as though Im the only human on earth and the rest are just robots...
1-4 of 4 Results