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  1. Discussion
    Been with constant dpdr for 3 years now, I tried therapy (and got hurt), tried creating safety in my life by getting away from people and places that hurt me. still no memories, constant feeling of detachment, still everyone I used to love are strangers to me, still incapable of feelings of...
  2. Treatment Options
    Hi All i have chronic DPDR from about 12 year after panic attack yes! it is 24/7 i have tried a lot of solutions but the real turning point was after trying Hijama! (Wet cupping) Wet cupping not dry please note the deference from the first time i swear you will feel your self like you were...
  3. The Daily Forum
    Hey guys.. my name is Ian and I have stuck in a state of DP/DR for about 8 months now. In my "introduce yourself," post, I mentioned that I believe my DP/DR was triggered by a sequence of traumas all happening within a few weeks of each-other. Bad break-up with girlfriend, LONG weed panic...
  4. Treatment Options
    I would like to share that I had seen some improvements with this treatment. I recommend it with everybody that is experiencing depersonalization AND derealization. It's a miracle for me and it can be for others as well.
  5. Discussion
    Everyone said that things get better with time. Mine is getting worse and the brain fog is getting more intense. Vision is still the same after six months. No medications taken so far. Did yours get better or worse with time?
  6. Recovery Stories
    Hello, Just wanted to share my journal insights as to how I'm recovering. I've recently had my best day in a while and have felt much more integrated and like myself before the DP/DR and anxiety symptoms. I've aggregated my experiences in a blog, which is linked into this post...
1-6 of 6 Results