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  1. Introduce Yourself
    I urge all of you who are suffering from DP to get you thyroid checked. I know you may think that "I got them checked" , just see the TSH level, it should not be above 2 for a normal 30 year old or less person. people who are above age of 40 get TSH level 2 or above. If you have your TSH above 4...
  2. Discussion
    Hey guys, I have hypothyroidism and I've seen discussion on how this can be related to depersonalization. I've had non-stop depersonalization for 7 years, there's been bad times and better times, but since I started taking levothyroxine for my thyroid (three weeks) it's been really bad...
  3. Discussion
    Hi everyone, I really wanted to share this with you all, because I think its REALLY important that you all get your thyroids tested. I want you all to know, I joined this forum thinking I was going completely crazy. I had a very comprehensive bit of blood work done which revealed I have...
1-3 of 3 Results