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    Heyup, Long time sufferer here. In the interests of transparency, I have treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, DP/DR, OCD, chronic pain, and IBS. Fun! /s When my DP/DR "spikes" (or "triggers"), I have a strong urge to stare wide-eyed into the distance as the tsunami of fear and terror...
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    As some of you may know i'm a 23years old male. I have been dpdr'ed for about a year and a half. Weed triggered it for me(Not the first time smoking it) . At first i was so desperate and anxious. Anyway it took me one year and a half to recover and during this time i had been smoking weed again...
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    DerpAre you experiencing BM and/or cogntive impairment/decline?Yes, i'm paralyzed by BM/CI2234.92%Yes, this is one of my main symptoms2234.92%Yah, i gots me sum of dat57.94%My intellectual capacity has not changed since getting DP46.35%I have an overactive mind 1015.87%
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    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone else gets this, and if so, what you might do to deal with it best... Whenever I watch a movie, I react so very deeply to what I am watching. It is hard to explain in words, especially in text, but it is as if my senses are still very attached to the sounds...
1-4 of 4 Results