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  1. Art & Entertainment
    Hey all, so unfortunately some of us have been hit with arguably the worst symptom that I couldn't even imagine.. Yeah, a "Blank Mind" - For me it's like being zoned out constantly & I find doing basically everything such a "Manual" objective.. it sucks, nothing computes to me no matter how...
  2. Discussion
    Hey Guys, hope all is well! So long story short, due to my condition [DP] for basically this entire year my life kinda just stopped - Really gave up on everything such as hobbies, interest, my "Career" and basically my life in general. With that being said I only just started to work on My...
  3. The Daily Forum
    Kind of weird, I find it quite ironic that I made a song containing lyrics mentioning Mental illness just a few months I was hit with Psychosis & Depersonalization, even more strange that I titled the track "Quite Insane" (Keep in mind this song was originally created approximately July 2016...
1-3 of 3 Results