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  1. Treatment Options
    Hello, my name is Sawyer. I acquired DP/DR over a year ago as a result of marijuana use. As of August of this year, I consider myself to have recovered from what we collectively call depersonalization/derealization disorder. That being said, I still have residual brain fog, depression, and feel...
  2. Treatment Options
    As recommended by my counsellor, I have recently started taking a daily supplement of Ashwagandha. I am going to try to be optimistic here, I am absolutely sick and tired of depersonalization and need anything that will help. I have been taking it for about a week now, and tonight I have an...
  3. Treatment Options
    Hello all, it's been a little while, I'm looking for someone who has experience in "going herbal" from benzos and SSRI's. I'm currently taking 60 mg Fluoxotine, 0.5 mg Klonopin, both @ 9:00 in the morning. I would like to taper the Prozac. The Benzo, I've tried, but it is too hard to do right...
1-3 of 3 Results