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    Hi, I just joined dpselfhelp literally a couple of hours ago. I've been checking up on this site for a couple of months now and I guess it's time for me to actually write something. Anywho, here's my story. Im in highschool and I've been experiencing this crappy disorder for a looong time. I...
  2. Discussion
    Hello guys so i caught this "thing" after i smoked marijuana, it has been 2 and half months since then, and ive been to the doctor im better but im not 100%, i had visual distorsions feelings of disconnection from the world, as if i was a spectactor to the world as if the world was happening in...
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    Hey i have df i think for one year it all started when i went in to a club and was afraid of it so they gave me a beer and than i started to feel not concted with myself as fly in the reality i feel now that i have a problem when i see people weirdly and talk with people and it feels weird i had...
1-3 of 3 Results