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  1. Treatment Options
    Important notes before reading the program:- 1. If you wish to follow the program, follow it at your own responsibility, I only share information. 2. Each one of you would require different ratios of minerals, some may need more magnesium than calcium, some may need them in 1:1 ratio, etc...
  2. Research
    Warning: Depersonalization and derealization are protective mechanisms. Just reading this essay might temporarily or permanently disrupt those protective mechanisms. If you are relying on them, approach this essay with caution, to avoid provoking an extreme or dangerous reaction. Note: I am not...
  3. Recovery Stories
    I like to help people on this matter. HPPD is one that nobody believes will go but it does at the end of the day, and i will tell you the steps i took to rid of it. DP/DR I suppose can be somewhat like HPPD visually, as the distortions can be very similar, but HPPD can add a couple more wild...
1-3 of 3 Results