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  1. Recovery Stories
    First of all, my English is not very good, sorry for this :( How I recovered in a different way. A crucial point in my story is that I have always been short-sighted, I always had to wear glasses, but I refused to wear it, always forced my eyes if I had to see something that was a foot away...
  2. Treatment Options
    I've tried Topamax, Imitrex, Lamotrigine, and a host of other stuff that I can't think of. Was even on a morphine drip at one point. Please help.
  3. Discussion
    With dealing with persistent derealization and depersonalization, does anyone else experience any type of headaches, migraines, or short "head aches"/pressure?
  4. Member Polls
    HeadachesHow often do you suffer from headaches?All day, every day830.77%Almost every day830.77%About once a week519.23%About once a month27.69%Less than once a month27.69%Never13.85%Where is your headache located?I can't really say / Diffuse...
  5. Discussion
    ok, iam getting insane head pressure and headaches along with tingling in the right side of my head, and tingling in the ears with most of it in the right ear , after having a big meal , bascially after eating a lot, and along with that i get sleepy also and also dry mouth sometimes. this...
  6. Discussion
    i've had DP for about 1 month now, from smoking marijuana, and i literally have headaches all the time, like very very painful ones and i'm unable to sleep at night also.. so i wanted to know could anyone suggest some medicines, for the headaches and insomnia please ? i can live with the other...
  7. Discussion
    Recently i have been getting headaches along with the weird feeling of depersonalization and the headaches have been in the same spot every single time. Its just a dull headache that wont go away and it is really starting to convince me more that i have a brain tumor and i am so worried. I also...
  8. The Daily Forum
    Ever since puberty, that big spike in hormones, I've had migraines. Not headaches; head-searing migraines. At first, I would get one or two a month and then they eventually started to fade away, yet one would pop up occasionally. My mom had migraines a lot, and I remember her just laying on the...
1-8 of 8 Results