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  1. Research
    Striped patterns (i.e., gratings) with particular spatial frequencies (density of the stripes) are known to produce visual stress and discomfort, induce phantom visual distortions and somatic sensations in susceptible observers. These phenomena have been termed 'pattern-glare', are the result of...
  2. Discussion
    Ok, before I start I want you to not jump to conclusions and automatically assume that I am crazy, this must be schizophrenia etc etc... I will also add that I have been transparent with my therapist and will be talking to my doc about this as well. Now to what has been happening. I have been...
  3. Recovery Stories
    Just a note. I've realized over the past few days that the light flashes that were freaking me out because I thought I was: hallucinating, having seizures, becoming psychotic, going blind, etc. have all disappeared. I didn't even notice. They've probably been gone for a couple of months now...
1-3 of 3 Results