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  1. The Daily Forum
    Hello everyone! I'm a 23-years old guy from Germany. I'm suffering from Depersonalization Disorder since 5 years and I'm currently feeling very bad. I really need somebody to talk to, someone who feels the way I do and who is able to understand me. If you are from Germany and would like to...
  2. Discussion
    Hi I've been suffering from depersonalization for a little over a year now (induced by marijuana/ panic attack) and was curious to see If there are other sufferers in the Bay Area, CA that would be interested in talking with one another about DP and our varying experiences with the disorder...
  3. Managing DPD
    In this title really! Would anybody like to meet up to discuss DP/DR, help each other, motivate and support, and just hang out etc. If anybody is interested, then post in here, and I am sure that we can get something sorted out.
  4. Discussion
    I just wondered if anyone knows of any meet ups that take place in the UK for those suffering with DPD? Although the forum is great, would be comforting to meet up with a group of People going through the same experience. Love and Peace KJ
  5. Member Polls
    Local Support Group?Which state are you from?New Jersey215.38%New York323.08%Pennsylvania00.00%Connecticut17.69%Other753.85%Might you be interested in meeting others with DP?Yes753.85%No17.69%Maybe538.46%
1-5 of 5 Results