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    Hello Guys! Just want to update my story regarding the post viewtopic.php?t=94195 Yesterday we have a meet up for dinner. We settled out everything, the anxiety and the feelings she get in Cambodia is true, but it is entirely unrelated to our relationship/ or maybe a little bit, she said that...
  2. Discussion
    Everything seems getting worst and worst regarding my GF having suspected DP and wanna have temporary break for 3 months with me. I thought of giving her time and space, and it see if she will be feeling better. But end up she feeling not even feeling better because she found out that I have...
  3. Discussion
    Anybody can help me how to recover her to get back to me? She feels bad that she don't have feelings to me in a sudden, she don't want me to feel suffer so she leaves me and asked for temporary break and be friend. I can't accept the fact. We didn do anything wrong, before her incident gone...
1-3 of 3 Results