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  1. Discussion
    Every second of my life I feel completely stoned things look distorted, I don't feel real, sometimes I can look at objects and they look like they are breathing and melting that alongside static vision I feel like I'm on a full blown trip on drugs. Try explaining that to someone who has never...
  2. The Daily Forum
    I just realized how annoying my DP is, because it's distorting my sight. Editing some photos in Photoshop, I noticed how hard it is to see the details. It's like, my eyes got problem with the light. For example you know, when you feel that you're about to faint (actually I have never passed...
  3. Discussion
    Hi everyone I have learnt recently that one of the biggest frustrations for me was not being able to explain to my family, my friends and my doctors and therapists the symptoms of DPD. Unfortunately, when I was about 12 I really struggled to explain what I was going through and was therefore...
1-3 of 3 Results