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  1. Discussion
    it feels like my brain cant handle any one thing for longer than 15 minutes . at first i thought it was just laziness and not wanting to do things but it feels more than that. i cant even focus on hobbies that i actually enjoy doing. and its gets difficult to listen to people i care about...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Hi, I got this feeling of Depersonalization two years back. I was feeling strange and started becoming aware of myself and my body parts. It felt weird all the time but I was OK otherwise. However, from last year, I have developed some trouble concentrating/ focusing on the task at hand...
  3. Recovery Stories
    THE most relaxing song you will hear. in the throes of the awful symptoms you are having, decide to shut the world off for 8 minutes. Music has been my therapy, see if it can be yours too.
  4. Recovery Stories
    Does anyone have any tips on regaining focus and concentration? I am a long way into my recovery, but there is still an emotional numbness and there are times when I am able to focus and get things done but that seems to come and go. What has helped you gain more focus back in your life? Thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results