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  1. Discussion
    Hi everyone! I'm a senior film student at a university local to New York City, and I'm creating a short film about both my experiences and others' experiences with DP/DR. Since there's a huge lack of DP/DR representation in the media, my goal is to create a mini-documentary that accurately...
  2. Depersonalization & Media
    Hi everyone, I'm a London based journalist who sufferers from depersonalisation. It's a huge issue for me personally and one which I think gets very little coverage in the media. The few articles/videos that do exist online helped me a lot so I'm making a short documentary examining DPDR and...
  3. Discussion
    Hi! Back in 2001 I smoked weed for the first time and was never the same afterwards. My struggles with DPDR were long and wrought with hopelessness, anxiety, depression, etc. but also a lot of light, amazing experiences, and unique ways of seeing the world. I've finally fully accepted and...
  4. Depersonalization & Media
    Anxiety stretches you. Madness confuses you. Depression drains you. Depersonalisation wipes you out. Now you're bleached out and monotone. What art does is give these things colours. Use art.
  5. Introduce Yourself
    Hi all, it's a little late however just came across this site and am just in awe reading about similar experiences! Its so settling to know there are others who have been afflicted with this total bullshi# condition! The documentary info is lower down, I'd just like to release all my built up...
1-5 of 5 Results