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  1. Recovery Stories
    Fellow DP Sufferers, Yesterday I had an appointment with my therapist who specializes in dissociative disorders. I've been seeing her for a couple months now and was getting inpatient, because I hadn't had relief of my symptoms. She asked me about my brother (who passed away a few years ago). I...
  2. Recovery Stories
    Let me be real here, the purpose of this post is not bombard you with my 'story' and how I got here, I use to and still hate it when members here start off their post with how they got to DP and Dr in the first place. I am not here for this, I am specifically here to convey my ideas, you don't...
  3. Discussion
    Thank you so much for your information and helping me. I know I posted yesterday saying I felt 100% better in regards to DP but had intense loneliness. Btw my DP was gone the entire day. Well, today I was moving back into college. It seems like it happened so quick and I was 3 hours away from...
  4. Discussion
    Your dp is a result of antidepressant or some other med withdrawal? Do you go about it the same? Is it from anxiety? How does the abuse theory play in?
1-4 of 4 Results