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  1. Open Forum
    "Life," is not that crucial four-lettered word that is defined as a high octave game that has new challenges every day, a game that unfolds differently every day and a game that differs from person to person. However, this despite this diversity, the one thing about everyone's life is...
  2. Open Forum
    Feeling depressed is the real trigger of the fear of the future. An individual may feel empty when their children start standing on their own legs is exposed to this fear. Unemployment, sudden wash out, dear friend's or family member's death, will also trigger the depression feeling and...
  3. The Daily Forum
    Life is too small to live. In this small life, there are three parts of it, Present, the past and the future. There are so many things are always happening in our life. We are also much worn to with it. There are so much happy, and bad moments are surrounding us always. We are aware about our...
1-3 of 3 Results