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  1. Mental & Physical Health
    Hi all, I have had DP/DR for 3 years but made big improvements. I started to adopt a healthy lifestyle and focused a lot on mindfulness. I saw big improvements over the months and years but almost two years ago, something happened. I got ill. It felt like a heavy flu and I just tried to give...
  2. Treatment Options
    Ahoj gejovia! Ospravedlňujeme sa za to, že nie som dobrý anglický Som z Európy. Mám depersonalizáciu viac ako rok. Stratil som svoju prácu, spoločenský život, priateľov a najmä ja a môj život ... všetko . Necítim sa, ale prežil som každý deň. To je peklo, každý deň a najhoršia vec v mojom...
  3. Discussion
    Hello people of the forum, I have been suffering with DPDR for over a year after a major panic attack and am still having some struggles getting better. Recently I have been dealing with a lot of fatigue, aches, and overall loss of energy along with the usual brain fog and spaciness. Is this...
  4. Discussion
    Can depersonalization be a symptom of adrenal fatigue? Here is a link to an explanation of adrenal fatigue:
  5. Discussion
    When I wake up I stay in the bed for like an hour or so, I dont want to get up and face the day. When I do get up, its like im having a massive hangover. I cant even walk straight. I brush my teeth like a robot, I dont really understand doing it, its just routine and something I have ofc...
1-5 of 5 Results