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  1. Discussion
    Hey everyone, I have a question for you, does your family support you in this time in your life when you're dealing with dpdr? I'm 20 and I have dp and some dr for a year know maybe more cause my memory is so foggy and disorganised, when I told my parents what I have they told me I'm...
  2. Recovery Stories
    Hello all! I'm going to share with you my experience with DP/DR (Mostly DR) and how I successfully overcame it. Without a doubt it took a number of changes to myself and my lifestyle to successfully overcome this awful affliction but I promise you all that it is possible and you will not deal...
  3. Discussion
    I've been thinking lately, though I've had DP and Dr all my life since I was small. I think that maybe something else is going on. I want to see a doctor I want to get a scan of my brain, I'm scared that it may be cancer or some kind of tumor I've been getting headaches lately and have been...
  4. The Daily Forum
    I'm about to go up and visit some family and I started recognizing my dp symptoms about 3/4 days ago. I don't feel at all in control of my speech and am experiencing physical and emotional numbness. I have to go back to university in less than a week. This is so shitty.
  5. Discussion
    Here's some background of my situation, to give a little insight on my life: derealization and generalized anxiety started for me August of last year a few weeks after a horrible weed experience. I experienced panic attacks weekly for nearly 2 months and constant uncomfortable feelings of...
  6. Discussion
    Hi everyone I have learnt recently that one of the biggest frustrations for me was not being able to explain to my family, my friends and my doctors and therapists the symptoms of DPD. Unfortunately, when I was about 12 I really struggled to explain what I was going through and was therefore...
  7. Discussion
    I always think of why I was born into my family. Of all people why did I come from my parents and not anyone else. It's scary they feel like strangers in a way! Is this normal??
  8. Discussion
    i need some apples
  9. Discussion
    i grew up surrounded with a lot of love from my family, and never felt like i missed out on anything, however i never knew my dad. i only met him when i was 8 and he just seemed like a complete stranger. i didnt really want to know him. so i moved on with my life, and i didnt think anything of...
1-9 of 9 Results