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    Hi, I started thinking about how reality is all subjective and we all perceive it differently and it really freaks me out. Cause then we might as well all be living in different realities. And no one can ever actually truly relate to another right?? I'm so scared please help me
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    Hello, I've had dp/dr since 2015. It's a lot better since then, I don't get panic attacks or freak out over reality. One thing I haven't had in a long time is emotional numbness but I think I may have that again? I've had it before but whatever I'm going thought now doesn't feel like it did...
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    Hey Forum. Just woke up and started thinking about diffrent things you can say to explain how you are feeling and i would like you guys to comment a good and short sentence about how you would explain your symtoms to someone / your reality.. Before bed yesterday i came up with that it kinda...
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    Before I start I want to say that I am an athletic kid. I play football and run track. Weightlifting too. Ok so I am 16 years old and I wrote everything I wanted to say to you guys in a notebook so I am just retyping all of it now. I feel like I'm in a movie and everyone is an actor except me...
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    I hope everyone is doing well and hanging on until you all recover from this miserable condition. So I have been so well, ever since I realized that I probably just suffer from "Schiz Ocd'', DP/DR and anxiety, last night, however, I had a thought that took over and i have never had before. I...
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    Do you ever just know? Deep down in your heart that something is wrong? that something in the world is broken? That you, your self, are broken? I know now, all of you here.. are exactly the same.. the same as me.. We are all one.. I come here with a goal.. a goal to help the world.. I know most...
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    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. I have been browsing the discussions on here for the past few weeks as my experiences with depersonlization have started to become more frequent and it's really started to worry me. My main concern with my depersonalization is that it only seems to become...
  8. Discussion
    get some naga ghost chilli in paste and dip your bread in it, after the burn you feel good and seems to kill most anxiety, well it does for me.
1-8 of 8 Results