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  1. Introduce Yourself
    I’m so scared! I feel like I’m losing consciousness all the time! I don’t faint, but I feel like my brain stops working for a few seconds or minutes, like I’m fainting… I’m convinced I have a brain tumor or that my brain is damaged… Have someone else experienced this? ):
  2. Mental & Physical Health
    also happens when i try to masturbate as well it feels like im going to faint, i get a sharp tickle in my neck in head, and it feels like it goes numb and veery cold, I feel like im drowning, and my swallowing spazzes out, my heart beats too fast and the lust chemical is too intense, also i...
  3. Introduce Yourself
    THIS MIGHT BE A TRIGGER FOR SOME PEOPLE. PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION! Hello, My name is William Hadley and I am honestly just looking for help. Ive been looking on the forum for some time now, browsing other threads, searching for help through others questions, hoping that ill stumble...
  4. Spirituality Discussion
    I'm having a bad day today from a stupid dream would you believe, with my sister having died in it and my uncle nearly committing suicide. It got me thinking about death and my whole day got worse and worse as it progressed. This dream was obviously getting to me subconsciously. I started...
1-6 of 6 Results