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  1. Discussion
    Hey so 5 weeks ago I smoked weed ( I have smoked weed before) but this time was way more traumatizing. I remember suddenly my vision was on low FPS like it was milliseconds behind what I was actually seeing. Then I had a panick attack. I started feeling like Im loosing touch with reality. Like...
  2. Discussion
    I've had derealization for the past two years. The worst symptom for me is the head pressure. This strange feeling is always with me. I have been able to tolerate it, but I can never truly relax. The pressure becomes extremely intense when I first wake up, when I am tired, and when I am...
  3. Depersonalization & Media
    We recently came across a very interesting story on this site about an individual going through depersonalization and derealization and we decided to visually show the story in a form of art in a video form. This was a project for school where we create a "PSA-type" video on a certain mental...
1-3 of 3 Results