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  1. Treatment Options
    Hey everyone. Ok I tryed a lot of meds. And I will do it again, for the moment I can have a kind of normal life with : Parnate (50mg but I'm increasing the dose) ; Lamotrigin (600mg) ; Mirapex (5mg/day) and Klonopin when I need. I have some difficulties to absorb the treatment so, I often need...
  2. Treatment Options
    I have the book "Prescription for Nutritional Healing" by Phyllis Balch, and I love it, but, not surprisingly, it does not have an entry for Depersonalization, so I will try to make one up. Note: DP isn't my only mental health issue, it's just the most dominant. I also experience mild to...
  3. Treatment Options
    I have generalized anxiety with DP/DR being pervasive symptoms throughout my daily living. I currently have the following supplements: fish oil, DMAE, mental concentration, and coenzyme b complex. I've noticed that although DMAE, mental concentration and coenzyme b complex can give me more...
1-3 of 3 Results