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  1. Discussion
    Hey I am getting really bad derealization and brain fog lately and basically, the only time I feel normal these days is when I am on my cell phone and completely distracted. Options? Tips?
  2. Managing DPD
    I have been dealing with depersonalization, and resulting anxiety for the past 5 months. That "weird" feeling of being alive that I could never place... I have finally figured it out. I have had short and extended moments of DP/DR which make everything feel foreign, and make ME feel foreign...
  3. Discussion
    Okay, now before anyone shoots me down I just wanna say a few things. First off, from what I've read and the hours I've poured over the forums it seems to me that this is just an anxiety condition. Pure and simple. The fact of the matter is, is that there is nothing wrong with any of us. No...
  4. Discussion
    Okay, so I'very been following RenZimE's The Holy Grail post, which I understand has helped many a person on this site and is also backed by scientific evidence (I've checked). My therapist even agrees to the distraction part. Everyone has been telling me the entire time that I should get back...
  5. Discussion
    Has sleeping more in the day helped anyone calm their nerves? I'm figuring if I sleep more it'll give my nerves more time to heal thereby lessening my anxiety. It's far from a cure but it's worth a shot I figure.
1-5 of 5 Results