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  1. Managing DPD
    hello, have any of you ever felt like days have no continuity? but its just a feeling, obviously days are related to each other (i think this is maybe because the amitriptiline i had been taking made me have lucid dreams, so when i wake up i'm a little disoriented) do you think maybe...
  2. Discussion
    Hello everyone, I just started a blog (online diary) about my experience with dpdr and trying to figure out why it developed in me. It's not for everyone, but maybe some people on here will identify with me. I don't have much to do, so I figured writing a blog might be a good idea to have...
  3. Treatment Options
    Thought I'd start a diary on my experience with lamotrigine. A very brief background: Am 29, Male, from the UK. Suffered all my life with panic disorder which appear as a result of DP/DR. Started an SSRI when I was 17 and life improved to the point where I tried to come off them at 28. Three...
1-3 of 3 Results