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    hi so my name is emily im 13 years old and i have really bad generalized anxiety disorder. recently, its gotten worse after missing almost 2 weeks of school from being sick and feeling depressed. i take depression meds and occasionally anxiety ones but they dont seem to be helping. im always sad...
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    Hi I’m Nathan, I’ve had this horrid and scary condition, nearly, constantly for 20 years now. Once every couple of months, I come back for a few minutes, which incidentally is frightening. I live with it with my family, albeit, they do not understand what I’m going through, so I never talk...
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    Hello, i wanted to ask this question as, before all of this i felt normal, after my last episode of DP i felt normal and real, but two days ago. After i logged out of the computer, i felt this horrible panic coming, i kept freaking out, going in the shower, felt like i was dying and un real, i...
1-3 of 3 Results