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  1. Treatment Options
    Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone on the forum has any experience with either of these programs. They both offer months-long DBT intensive treatment, but I cant find many reviews online for these programs specifically. If you have any experience with these programs, did you think they were worth...
  2. Discussion
    I recently started therapy using dialectical behavioral therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. One of the things that has been helping a lot is to 'NOT fight the DP, or anxiety, etc. To notice it but not give it power. The more you fight it the more it 'gets bigger'. There is an observer part...
  3. Spirituality Discussion
    Here are some excerpts -- this is a brief article -- I encourage everyone to read it and just take it in. This is helping me, and is also simply a variation of CBT and DBT. This can be practiced in ways most comfortable to you -- I use this with Yoga as I feel more grounded. And "meditation"...
1-3 of 3 Results