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  1. The Daily Forum
    I'll try to compose this even though I'm in a very blank state at the moment. On several occasions I've found a way out through daydreaming. Or through the ability to fantasize. To play. I know we are told not to think too much. However, certain types of thinking can be a wonderful tool to...
  2. Mental & Physical Health
    Hi (background info: I have had some extreme periods with DP/DR, not diagnosed with it, but strongly believe that's what I have had, since using drugs in 2012, but now I feel it's more or less almost in remission, but still struggle with other things) Does anyone struggle with daydreaming? I...
  3. Discussion
    So today I was (as usual) really scared and thinking about schizo, and this daydreaming I do, does it have a link to it? Am I going to soon be living in my fantasy world? I did a bit of research and I found something that gave me huge comfort, this is something that others suffer grately too...
1-3 of 3 Results