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  1. Depersonalization & Media
    Hi guys, New to the community because I don't exactly like reading about DP as it makes my anxiety skyrocket and makes everything worse. HOWEVER--I felt compelled to sharing some new information about DP with all of you because I feel that this is super crucial to understand and I will show you...
  2. Recovery Stories
    Hey, So about 3 weeks ago I had a realization while reading one of the articles somebody posted on here. It felt so profound that my depersonalization/ derealization seemed to almost instantly disappear and it almost felt like I beat it into submission. The realization that I had was that it...
  3. Recovery Stories
    To those of you currently in process of recovering or to those that have recovered, what does it feel like? I.E. how do you know you're in process or making progress towards recovery? Sorry if this is a confusing question, but not sure how to word it?
1-3 of 3 Results