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  1. Member Polls
    Are you having an existential crisis?Yes (caused my DP/DR)16.25%Yes (caused by DP/DR)850.00%Yes (don't know which came first, DP/DR or existentialism)637.50%No16.25%
  2. The Daily Forum
    My derealization has gotten worse over the past month from existential thinking and I can't turn it off. I really become scared to go outside because I don't understand the universe, I go to therapy and that helps and I also see I spiritual healer. Do you ever feel scared of the universe or...
  3. Discussion
    Can anybody relate to this? Fortunately I am starting to get over a few of my more bizarre symptoms (feeling like I was living in an earlier part of my life/time traveling), but lately I feel like something inside me is changing or missing. I have the deepest philosophical thoughts and read into...
1-3 of 3 Results