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  1. Discussion
    I believe this to be true for me. Whenever I have a strong motivation or interest in activities, esp anything work related, dp lessens considerably. At that moment, I'm too engaged in the activity I don't give a fuck about dp. dp just becomes boring and unimportant. Also, I suddenly start to...
  2. Managing DPD
    Hey all... To make this simple I am just going to flat out go for it and tell you exactly what my symptoms are and if ANY of you have any advice or a shout out to help I would appreciate it.. Kind of lost at the moment... About 7 months ago I had my first panic/anxiety attack.. Every symptom...
  3. Discussion
    So today I was going to PF Changes with my dad. Its about a 20 minute drive from my house to there so I suggested to drive. I have driven many times before (even while having DP). I am finished both segment 1 and 2 and am taking my drivers test in May. I am a pretty good driver although I drive...
  4. The Daily Forum
    Hello guys, Two years ago, I used to have strong DP in a really bad form, It got to the point when I had to interrupt my studies and leave my family for a while. Anyway, I managed to recover by myself, using some meditation techniques, getting out of comfort zone, jogging, change of...
1-4 of 4 Results