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  1. Discussion
    Hey friends! We have a super supportive and fun group chat on Skype. We don't have to talk about DP all the time, we can just chat about whatever makes us happy, or sad, and uplift each other through tough times <3 To join, please contact mana_war in private message to leave your Skype ID or...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Hey everyone, just wanted to introduce myself, I am a fellow Depersonalization sufferer, marijuana induced, but I've had the disorder in short spurts since I was a little kid. Going through some tough times with this awful condition and wanted to try and feel a bit of a sense of community, it's...
  3. The Bright Side
    TAKE PART ANNONYMOUSLY: As part of a project for university in Communication Design Studies(FH-Aachen, University Of Applied Sciences), I'm looking for people that have experienced Depersonalization and are willing to write about it. My goal is to gather...
1-3 of 3 Results