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  1. Treatment Options
    has anyone tried klonopin? did it do something for you? i read somewhere that it has some dangerous side effects, and i really dont think they are worth it if its not going to do anything for me and instead its going to harm me. i feel like its really messing me up :(
  2. Treatment Options
    Hello everyone, Lamotrigine does not seem to be working for everyone. In fact, it seems to be making some people worse according to many views at this website. When you are so desperate for a solution and you have consumed the lamotrigine + SSRI option, does not clonazepam become the best...
  3. Treatment Options
    Hello guys, Before I got my DP, I was such an outgoing social happy person. I used to enjoy meeting people and talking to them. With this shit that I have now, I feel that I am socially awkward. I am not myself. I fake my smile and exert extreme effort to be able to focus on what the other...
  4. Discussion
    Hi, everybody! I'm new to this forum, and I just need someone to hear me. I just want a friendly word from someone x). I am a 22 year old male from Portugal. My name is João Carrilho, but good luck pronouncing it :3 I have been suffering with anxiety and DP/DR for almost 3 years now. The...
  5. Treatment Options
    I have been in a really bad panic attack the past 2 hours now and I feel so dissociated and tired and anxious that I feel like I cant take much more but I know I will make it through this, I get a few minutes of relief here and there but does anyone know if Klonopin will help "ground" me or will...
1-5 of 5 Results