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    Hey... Since over half a year I suffer from DP/DR, anxiety,panic... If this and my fear of developing schizophrenia wouldn't be enough, my mum told me yesterday that she has ovary cancer. I don't want anymore... I'm only 16 and I can't lose her! My DP/dR got stronger and I have constant fear and...
  2. Discussion
    Recently i have been getting headaches along with the weird feeling of depersonalization and the headaches have been in the same spot every single time. Its just a dull headache that wont go away and it is really starting to convince me more that i have a brain tumor and i am so worried. I also...
  3. Discussion
    Today and yesterday have defiantly been bad days.. I was okay until i got out the cinema i dont know what it was but i felt like i was tripping again from the time i smoked weed.. I dont know if its just me but has anyone else felt 10 times worse coming out of the cinema? I literally felt as if...
1-3 of 3 Results