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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hello Everyone. PLEASE read this because it may be enlightening, and I need your help. As some of you know, I authored the book "Feeling Unreal" with Daphne Simeon MD, and then "Stranger To My Self" a few years later. The former, published by Oxford University, was the first book in English on...
  2. Discussion
    I've had dp for the past 3 years (started sophomore year in college and I just graduated). I have no idea how I managed to graduate, let alone read enough of my assigned texts to pass my classes. Imagine taking "Philosophy of Language and Mind" at Columbia just when your symptoms are most...
  3. Depersonalization & Media
    Hey everyone, I have collected several books over the last while that involve Depersonalization Disorder. I have uploaded them all to my DropBox folder so I can share them with all of you. You can download any Book I have uploaded. There are Self Help books, DPDR studies, Very technical...
1-3 of 3 Results