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  1. Art & Entertainment
    Hey guys, I was wondering if you anyone would be interested in conrtibuting to a creative project? I have seen how creative other people with Dp are ad I have been working through some of my own dp stuff with photography and I would really love to get contirbutions of poetry, writing, drawing...
  2. Treatment Options
    I am currently working on a project that will aim to increase public awareness for DPDR and educate people on the condition who have no idea what it is. I'm reaching out to people to provide contributions of their personal experiences with DPDR. Either respond to this forum or message me...
  3. Depersonalization & Media
    I just started to read this book and I can already identify with a lot of what I am reading. DPD has been associated with emotional abuse/neglect (go to and search for "depersonalization and emotional abuse"). I was shocked with some of the stories I am reading...about a patient with...
  4. Depersonalization & Media
    What is the best advice someone has given you about DP/DR? I'm trying to write a self-help book and I'm looking for reassuring wisdom, healing thoughts, etc. Please share your experiences!
1-4 of 4 Results