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  1. Discussion
    I used to have panic attacks 2 or more times a day for 2 years and then I started medication and it is like 98% solved. My Derealisation was triggered by panic attacks. For almost 1 year, I didn't had almost no panic attacks at all, but I am many times anxious and obsessed with this "foggy"...
  2. Discussion
    I'm at a very difficult crossroad in my recovery process and asking if anyone has some advice for what I should do next. Just as everyone else, my DP caused me extreme anxiety for the first few months of having it. I could not eat, sleep, or leave my house because of the constant panic attacks...
  3. Treatment Options
    Background info: I'm going to attempt to make this a short post but I'm willing to go more in depth if anyone wants me to. I have a ton of experience that I feel would be very helpful as far as medications go (ie what has worked and what hasn't). I also am willing to go more in depth with my...
1-3 of 3 Results