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  1. Discussion
    does anyone here get sometimes some good ideas about creative things for example drawing for me i wanted to be a youtuber i have ideas about the videos but always my mind is like (omg!!! why would think that im scared ) and my body like (oh hell no i ain't gonna let you do that ) -_-
  2. Introduce Yourself
    I used to be a good girl, going to church 3 times a week and teaching the word of God to my friends. I began to notice how sheltered I was and wanted to get out and live a little. My and my boyfriend went to a party and only had enough money for some acid. The drug dealer gave us a deal and said...
  3. Discussion
    Today and yesterday have defiantly been bad days.. I was okay until i got out the cinema i dont know what it was but i felt like i was tripping again from the time i smoked weed.. I dont know if its just me but has anyone else felt 10 times worse coming out of the cinema? I literally felt as if...
  4. Discussion
    Hello! I'm new to the site. After browsing a bit, I couldn't find something I've been thinking about DP/DR. But, first let me introduce myself to set the context... I'm 18 years old. I've had depersonalization (and/or derealization, my opinion on which one I have varies almost every time I try...
  5. Treatment Options
    Hey, Well I was diagnosed with depression before I found out I had DP/DR. I was surprised when the doctor told me he had never heard of DP/DR and another doctor dismissed it as if it wasn't relevant. At the moment I am extremely depressed and scared to go back on any pills after my...
  6. Discussion
    So, I see a lot of post that tell us to stay away from things like the new, depressing TV shows, horror movies, etc. I find this very difficult because I love things like that. I love watching the Walking Dead and the news, I like reading about serial killers. None of these things give me...
  7. Recovery Stories
    Hi, I want to know if it is bad to spend a lot of time in the computer, I don't like to go out a lot without being invited to do something, and the only thing I really enjoy in my house is playing games on computer, or searching articles on the internet, etc... is it really bad to spend so much...
1-7 of 7 Results