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  1. Mental & Physical Health
    So it's been a short while since I posted here and I felt now more than ever it is something I should do. Just to share my story (selfish right?) and also to see if anyone else is out there that is having a similiar journey. So around a month and a half ago I reached my breaking point with...
  2. Discussion
    So for the past week EVERY NIGHT I wake up an hour or so after I fall asleep and I wake up confused and scared with thoughts rushing through my head pretty fast. I go into an anxiety mode where im so scared. It takes a while to wear off (usually wears off when i focus on something else like...
  3. Discussion
    Hello, my fellow dpselfhelpers! :D You wanna know my story? Well, do ya?! Here it is, lol. :lol: It all started back in February of this year. My DP/DR was brought on by panic attacks sustained from an unhealthy lifestyle. I'm a nursing student, so use your imagination as to what I might be...
  4. Introduce Yourself
    Hi ive never had a panick attack and ive had dp for 2 years constantly. Is this normal? Also i have a fucked up memory, and i cant remember anything that happened or it feels like it never happened. Im i alone on this?
  5. Introduce Yourself
    Hello, first time poster here - 28 y/o male from Cornwall, UK. Apologies in advance for starting a new thread but I can't seem to find a previous one that matches my circumstances perfectly. Last night I had my second ever major panic attack, the first one was only a week ago, but was far...
1-5 of 5 Results