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  1. Discussion
    Gluten Psychosis: How My Diet Almost Killed Me and Put Me in a Psych Ward (Twice) In 1985, my parents met in a psych ward. They both worked there. In November of 2016, my life changed forever and I didn't even know it. I was twenty-three and pursuing my master's degree at Wichita State...
  2. The Daily Forum
    Hi guys. I'm having a lot of infections resulting from hormone imbalances and low immune system. I have been prescribed metronidazole and although my doctor thinks it will have no effect on my DP, I have heard a few stories from DPers that this antibiotic can make DP worse. I really don't...
  3. Discussion
    Hi, my doctor has prescribed me 500 mg of Levaquin for 7 days and I am terrified of taking it after reading about it on the internet. It seems to have great potential to exacerbate DP and cause psychosis, among other things. However, I also have acute tonsillitis and am allergic to many of...
1-3 of 3 Results