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  1. Discussion
    Sometimes I feel lost and stuck after my anxiety has been triggered and then I get angry because I’m lost and stuck and I start crying. Sometimes the anger doesn’t disapte and I find myself curling into a ball and straining myself because of how upset I am at being stuck. Anyone else know this...
  2. Mental & Physical Health
    This is more for my benefit than for anyone else, but someone might find it useful. I'll be using this topic to post info/research concerning the neural correlates of emotions.
  3. Discussion
    Hi, I wanted to know if anyone here feels as though suppressing anger put them in the state they're in. I'm 20 and dealt with alot of childhood abuse and trauma up until the time I went to college. I had no outlet so I held the anger in and began having anxiety problems by the time I was headed...
  4. Mental & Physical Health
    How would you describe your ability to regulate anger?
  5. Open Forum
    I feel really useless. It's making me extremely angry at myself all the time. I don't do anything useful in my life to anyone. I live with my mom but I don't help her with anything that much. I'm just always too depressed to help.. She tells me all the time about things I could have done to help...
  6. The Daily Forum
    I don't even know where to begin, I feel so lost and confused. I was hit with a chronic case of depersonlisation when I was 21 that's never really lifted. It was off the back of a panic attack a couple of weeks after taking ecstasy. At the time I was living in Australia, no family or friends...
1-6 of 6 Results