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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Prior history: I first experienced dpdr roughly 10 years ago after trying a very small amount of ecstasy. I went through numerous tests at the hospital and everything came back clear. I eventually was not bothered by it and lived somewhat normally for years without even thinking about the term...
  2. Discussion
    I thought I'd make this post to let people know how I handled my tonsillectomy, more importantly to those of us with DP, the anesthesia. I'm 19, female, and had chronic DP for over a year now (DR for the first 2-4 months) I was very worried about how the anesthesia would affect me. I kept...
  3. Discussion
    Hi, To keep this short and sweet, I would just like to know from any others who have had surgery, and under anesthesia have had any issues while having depersonalization - post operation. I am just worried, that once I have this major surgery - double jaw surgery, that once I awake from being...
1-3 of 3 Results