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    Hi everyone, a few days ago I wrote my story here on my account , I am still recovering, but there is a thought that haunts me constantly ...Can DPDR come back after a few years of being recovered? Is there a way to don't make it come back? I'm afraid it may come back even stronger.
  2. Discussion
    So lately I have been dealing with depersonalization and derealization. It all started about 4-5 weeks ago when a girl from my hall was in my dorm. I looked at her and thought to myself, "What makes her her? Why is she the way she is? Why is that her personality?" and as I was doing this, I took...
  3. Discussion
    Hi all, In first time, i think i had dp since 5-6 years old not 24/7 but the most of time. Sometimes i have huge attack of dr/dp during few seconds when i'm really tired.. There a few month i was at a party and i drunk a lot and at a moment because i was really stone with alcohol, i smoked...
1-3 of 3 Results