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  1. Treatment Options
    Hey I have add and dp/dr, and I'm thinking about trying Adderall in the hopes that it'll clear my dp. I'm just a little scared since Ritalin made everything worse.. Does anyone here with both dp and add have any good/bad experiences with Adderall?
  2. Treatment Options
    Quick Overview Been experiencing marijuana induced DP for about 16 months now. Took 30mg for a month. 50mg for 4 months. Benefits: Improved focus, increased productivity, less DR attacks. Drawbacks: Insomnia, Irritability, apathy, decreased creativity, "zombie-like" personality, increased...
  3. Discussion
    Okay so I'm new here. Been reading for a awhile but first time posting. I've been suffering from what I think is dp for the last 3 or 4 months The reason I say think is because I'm really just guessing. This seems to match all my symptoms and am otherwise healthy except for having bipolar...
  4. Treatment Options
    I recently had a 4 month long DP/DR bout that ended me up in the psych ward, but I fortunately have experienced re-personalization for the past two months. At the time I began my 4 month DP bout I was taking first Adderall, then Vyvanse for treatment of severe ADHD. I discontinued the Vyvanse...
1-4 of 4 Results