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    you need to face all your fears and anxiety head on. seriously, i have recovered from DP/DR... but <---- that is a big but ( )0( ) you can really see that DP/DR is a defence mechanism when you don't have it, things can seem out of control, more worrying thoughts, real stress, not...
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    i am off this fuckin website mannn does you more worse than good ha. DP/DR gone..... over if you would like to be where i am now... then face all your fears....feel that fucking anxiety...... and really test yourself. no need for wasting my time on here anymore, so.... onto life aha...
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    get some naga ghost chilli in paste and dip your bread in it, after the burn you feel good and seems to kill most anxiety, well it does for me.
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    Face all your fears and adrenalin using the Floating technique to take away the disorder part of anxiety. "You don't really have to learn to float. A block of wood can float, and so can a person. What you might have to learn is how to not get in...
1-4 of 4 Results