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In Topic: seeking for people who recovered multiple times

17 November 2020 - 07:10 PM

soo thats a big sign for im fucked. for me everything is differently compared with my first episode.

That's just my experience. Maybe I've had it for so long that I've had all the symptoms possible (although this condition can always surprise). Some symptoms come and go over time.

In Topic: seeking for people who recovered multiple times

16 November 2020 - 05:07 PM

were your symptoms differently compared with the previous episode?

Much the same really

In Topic: Should I try Prozac?

08 November 2020 - 06:50 AM

Im 16 years old and I got dp/dr 7 weeks ago, since then the symptons have increasingly gotten worse, I think its somewhat related to anxiety/stress/obssesive thoughts, it started after a panic attack. Part of me thinks the primary problem isnt the anxiety though because I went a while without feeling really anxious (but still mildly stressed) and the dp/dr kept increasing. Its pretty severe and debilitating now.

I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday and the only ssri I can be legally prescribed is prozac. Should I take it?

Obviously medication is different for everyone. And I know no one will be able to provide a clear cut answer. I guess im just asking if anyone has had a similar situation and took medication and what their experience is.



Prozac is good for depression. Takes a long long time to kick in. At least 8 weeks for the positive effects to appear. Longer than that to feel full benefit (maybe 12 - 16 weeks). So if you quit at 4 weeks then you haven't given it enough time to work. It is good for anxiety/panic but can also be stimulating so some people don't like that effect. It can be helpful if you have depression combined with anxiety. It's often the only antidepressant offered to young people because of its long half life meaning that occasionally missing a dose doesn't cause extreme withdrawal symptoms.

Your description of not feeling anxious but the dp/dr increasing sounds like your system has switched from a hyperarousal to hypoarousal state. This means going from a fight or flight response to a freeze response, which sometimes happens if you have a series of panic attacks or one severe panic attack.

It sounds like you still have high levels of anxiety. It's up to you if you want to try the Prozac. You will likely feel worse for the first 4 weeks though. At around the 6 week mark, you might find it more tolerable and then hopefully things should improve from there. Before trying the Prozac though you might want to try cleaning up your lifestyle instead to see if that works e.g. cut out or reduce caffeine, exercise, eat well, sleep well, get outside, get therapy. Good luck.

In Topic: seeking for people who recovered multiple times

07 November 2020 - 12:01 PM

Recovered twice before. First in 2003 then in 2009. Latest episode has lasted over 5 years. About 70-80% recovered and can function fairly normally. It's the depression that is more of a problem than dp/dr for me.

In Topic: Help, doubting my experience itself? (Crazy feeling)

19 August 2020 - 03:33 PM

Looks a bit like a song title: "Help, doubting my experience itself? (Crazy feeling)"

Seriously though, that must be a really distressing experience to go through. Doubting existence itself. If I could offer any reassurance though, if you didn't exist then you wouldn't be worrying about it because there would be no self/ego to protect. DP causes emotional numbing which means you lose that emotional connection to life. This means the town where you live, your living environment, music, films, human connection etc all seem to be happening at a sensory level (you can see, hear, smell, touch it) but the perception is lacking in emotion. Naturally this would make you question if those things really do exist at all. It shows how much of our experience is informed by emotion. Thankfully the emotion returns when mental health improves and with it the appreciation of life supersedes any question of reality. The question becomes almost irrelevant at that point. Hope that helps! (apart from my silly joke at the beginning - it's good to make fun of dp sometimes).